Braedella Brahmans, established by Craig Radel in 1982, now operates as a family enterprise and is entering a growth phase after the acquisition of "Attunga" at Lawgi (near Biloela).

Braedella has focused its breeding plan over the past twenty-four years concentrating on fertility, function and frame through a combination of sire selection and fertile functional cows. 

The base herd of stud Brahman cows exhibits the optimum qualities of both Australian and American bloodlines, enhanced by the herd's developing years on agistment properties, frequent drought periods and strict culling, ensuring that only the hardiest and most fertile cattle have remained.

Concerned with the diminishing frame in Brahman cattle, Craig and Anna focus genetic research on achieving long framed animals with well-muscled form that easily adapts to high yielding commercial beef.  They place emphasis on quiet temperament, and a natural ability to function and survive with minimum human interference, delicately combined with maximum weight gain and structural soundess.

As part of achieving this goal Craig and Anna raise their herd on the buffel pastures establish on the property.  Combined with good natural pasture, purple pigeon and green panic, Braedella cattle go to the commercial market without any additional feed. 

Supplementation in the form of urea dosed through the extensive water system on the property and pasture management utilising basic cell grazing practices are the only assistance given to the cattle. 

This enhances the stud's key characteristics of hardiness and consistent beef production.

Braedella cattle are bred in Central Queensland in a breeding program designed to provide maximum economic return for minimum input.  All cattle are bred at "Attunga", Lawgi (near Biloela) or "Six Mile", Morinish (near Marlborough) in Central Queensland.

Craig and Anna aim for every stud female to produce a calf by 30 months of age and all sires must cover 70 females per season.  Temperament, weight for age, tropical adaptation and survival in northern and central Australia are other factors that the stud considers in its selection criteria. 

They aspire to prepare all of their bulls to ensure they are tropically adapted to the harsh environmental conditions of Central or Northern Australia.  Braedella bulls are prepared on buffel grass pastures and minimal grain rotation.  No bulls are retained in yards during their preparation but are free to roam between the watering points in the yards and the paddock.  Buyers can be confident that their selection will perform when taken home as evidenced by the many repeat buyers that return every year.

As young cattle, Braedella bulls are reared in the rotated grazing cells developed on the property.  Operating on daily grazes ensures the cattle are used to human involvement and provides the stud opportunity to observe development and temperament.

Braedella cattle are adapted to being worked on foot, with quads, vehicles and horses.

Our philosophy is simple, calm and smooth operations with regular monitoring ensure consistent temperament qualities throughout both the stud and commercial herd.

Braedella currently runs approximately 140 stud breeders and has identified a key herd of 80 for focused Brahman breeding.  The remaining Brahman herd alternates Brahman sires with Charbrays and Angus stud bulls.  This allows the stud to focus on the commercial qualities of our stud stock, and, in recent years, illustrate the success of the herd genetics in this commercial context.  Craig and Anna are always mindful that the true test of any genetic program is on the plate and aim to achieve as a minimum, standards of cattle that are acceptable to stud stock breeders and our commercial clients.

Braedella is also a commercial enterprise and runs an additional herd of commercial breeders reared from our stud stock.  They sell pure Brahman commercial cattle as well as Charbray and Brangus progeny.  Commercial sales include high yield weaner calves, store cattle both out of the paddock and through the Biloela and Gracemere saleyards. 

Their direct to slaughter Brahman and Brahman cross cattle demonstrate the stud's achievement of its goals.  On average their direct slaughter heifers average 280 - 300kg dressed weight from milk to two tooth categories.  Steers of similar age average 300 - 340kg dressed.

As wells as producing high quality Brahmans this boutique style stud is also successfully breeding Charbray bulls. 

Originally an exercise in making the commercial beef production branch of Braedella more diversified and enhancing marketability of their product, the Charbrays have, over the last eleven years, developed a market niche of their own.

Recent sales have ensured that the stud increases its capacity to develop and market this breed and Craig and Anna are excited about this move.

Braedella is now moving to better utilise technology to provide accurate and complete data for our clients as well as to improve the commercial enterprise's viability.  As part our their program of vigilantly monitoring genetic progress and seeking maximum herd efficiency accurate data collation is the next step in ensuring the best beef production possible.

As part of our future herd development, Braedella is moving towards sustainability, balancing environmental impacts with developing commercially viable beef production.  Craig and Anna are striving to utilise the Brahman's genetic hardiness to move towards organic and bio-dynamic farming practices in the future.  Again this is driven by Braedella's awareness of commercial reality as well as a desire to provide a premium quality product that is versatile and universally acceptable.


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